Buying without plastic may seem like an impossible task nowadays. It only takes a walk through any supermarket to verify that it will not be easy. Do not despair, it is much simpler than it seems at first glance. In this post I 5 simple tips to buy anything without plastics.

5 Simple Tips to Buy Without Plastic

Today we are going to offer you some tips so that plastic waste becomes a thing of the past:

1. Rediscover your area.

Take a walk around your area looking for bulk stores, local stores, and markets.

Surely you find shops that sell cereals and vegetables in bulk, greengrocers that you can find almost everything without packaging and bakeries where you can buy all kinds of loose bread, even dishes!

You will discover that there are many more possibilities than you imagined.

Although supermarkets are changing and are beginning to implement measures to reduce the use of this material, they fall short. If you buy from them and you do not feel like leaving, ask what options they have.

Hopefully, you will be surprised and if not, at least you will let them know that their customers want to buy without plastic.

2. Buy in bulk

Selling in bulk was something very traditional that little by little was losing prominence until a few years ago it reappeared. Every day there are more bulk stores. In them, it is possible to buy practically everything: cereals, legumes, nuts, pasta, flours, spices … And without any packaging.

3. Use your own bags and containers.

Reusing the bag to carry your grocery shopping home is basic, but they’re not the only ones that can be reused.

You can make yourself with some cloth or mesh bags of different sizes to buy fruit, vegetables, and dry products in bulk. With these types of bags, you will no longer need any more disposable bags.

To buy products that cannot be kept in cloth bags, such as pickles, spices, cheese, meat, or fish, you can use your own jars or tapers. In the store, when you weigh the product, they will reduce the weight of the container.

4. Don’t be ashamed to ask.

Carrying your own taper when shopping may shock you, and the first time you do it you may even be embarrassed to use it. Even the shopkeeper may look at the taper with a face like he’s seen an alien, but don’t worry.

The next time you go, he will surely remember you and with the passage of time, he will tell you that I wish all the customers did the same thing, that there is no point in using so much plastic.

In fact, it is increasingly common to buy like this, even some supermarkets are allowing to buy with your own containers.

In addition, it does not have to give us any shame, what should make us feel ashamed is to continue using so many unnecessary containers with the problems they are causing on the planet. So be proud.

5. Take it as a game

There is nothing like taking it as a game in which to progress little by little. Start with what is easiest for you and go as far as you feel comfortable. And, if there is something that gets you stuck, leave it for later and continue elsewhere.

Advancing little by little after a few months can be reduced greatly and without great effort.

Many times we consider reducing all the disposable plastics that surround us from one day to the next and we become confused, giving it up as impossible before having tried it. It is not necessary to try to be a planet captain, or to get a reward, but to make simple changes in our day-to-day life and advance at our own pace.
It is not all or nothing, it is about giving the best of each one and making a difference between all of us.