Architecture is like fashion, changing, and operating every day. If the house used to be just a place for us to go home, a place to shield the sun from the rain, now the house brings extremely valuable spiritual values ​​to families. How beautiful house trends this year, how has changed compared to the previous period, let’s find out!

Beautiful home design trends in 2020

The trend of modern society does not allow architecture to turn into a rut, human tastes needs are also more and more extroverted. Updating the trend of cheap and beautiful houses helps you to have an overview of the trends, with more options when deciding to “upgrade” your living space.

Beautiful and environmentally friendly home models

A house with a small garden in the yard, a small lawn in front of the house in addition, from the exterior to the interior is associated with green trees is definitely a space that many families love. A beautiful home yard does not need to be too large, but it will be the ideal space for members to gather together to organize intimate parties on special occasions.

With such a friendly space, everyday sunlight will shine directly into the house. It is possible to arrange more windows, ceilings, and glass doors to receive direct sunlight, making use of them instead of electric lights during the day. Moreover, the trend when building a beautiful house in recent years often prioritizes the selection of natural materials for the house such as wooden floors, curtains made of trees, mostly wooden furniture, and energy-efficient appliances. amount of natural energy to make the most of available energy …

House and stories

This trend may sound a bit strange, but lately, it has been popular with many families. Modern architecture is no longer confined by old ways, meaning that instead of material values, people begin to focus more on the spirit. Bold ideas, modern yes, nostalgic yes, all highlight the homeowner’s lifestyle.

You are an extrovert, why not try to “turn” your house into a miniature center with full amenities. You are a nostalgic person, try to get the idea of ​​the 60s and 70s architecture into your house. All are possible, beautiful house models will help increase the value of the experience for people living in that space.

The spaces are connected

The beautiful house will have the ability to connect the members together. The idea that a space is always interconnected means that the rooms are not separated, this will be extremely convenient in living and make the most of the area.

A rather misconception when designing the home of many families is to use too many partitions. Inadvertently we are obstructing the communication between members, people will gradually tend to stay forever in their rooms, afraid to connect because of the separation in a beautiful home space.

With the trend of designing connecting houses, this principle will be broken, meeting maximum comfort demands. More specifically, instead of separating by walls, it will now be furniture arrangements and arrangements. The beautiful house styles following this trend will visually connect between areas, ensuring high aesthetic interiors.

Minimalist style

The sophistication and complexity are no longer consistent with the current housing design. Simplification is gradually replacing, proving that through the image of a beautiful house, people often tend to use elegant colors and sophistication in interior design but still create a separate impression. have your own style.

To keep up with this trend, pay attention to the colors of the house and interior. The color is shown mainly through wall paint, ceiling color, floor color, with priority given to cold, warm tones. In addition, the main highlight is that the interior items in the house often have a darker color tone to highlight the individual style, in harmony with the whole.

Open space

This trend is ideal for young couples who love liberal and modern design. However, people also appreciate the nature of this style when designing a beautiful home model because of the harmony between functionality and aesthetic value.

The beautiful open-style house model helps the living room area increase significantly. In addition to the tendency to choose gentle colors that increase brightness, for those who love daring, do not hesitate to choose a few hot tones as the highlight. When choosing paving bricks, choose neutral colors such as gray, white, cream, but not too many elaborate patterns.

The new 2-story tube house is one of the options that many families are interested in, especially young couples. Unlike other 2-story houses, 2-story tube houses are often for places with small land areas, not enough space for comfortable living for the whole family. So you are curious to know what is a 2-story tube house and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of house or not?

Mezzanine house increased area

Mezzanine houses are an ideal solution for couples who intend to own a nice, cheap house in big cities. The mezzanine will help space be expanded almost maximally so that the living area also increases. In addition, the mezzanine house also ensures good aesthetics, the mezzanine will create a beautiful view when living here, taking advantage of this space to replace one of the basic living rooms.

Priority should be given to choosing harmonious colors between the interior and the main colors of the house. The colors are too opposing not only not to highlight the elegance of the beautiful modern mezzanine space but also to create a feeling of heavy and tangled eyes.

The interior of the house, depending on the needs of the function, can be selected properly. If you want to turn the attic into a living room, you can have a low-floor interior or a Japanese-style flat floor, this decoration trend is inspired by beautiful houses in Europe, Japan … Similarly, If the mezzanine is used as a bedroom, it should also give priority to ventilation and spaciousness.

Extremely dusty style with container house

In the past, the container houses were simply used as accommodation for factory workers. But since the architects discovered its outstanding advantages, the beautiful and unique container house style is designed to suit the needs of those who love freedom.

By means of insulation, waterproof, noise proof, and modern technical measures, the disadvantages of a house made of old containers can be eliminated. Constructing a container house saves a lot of money, compared to traditional types of houses, the trend of container houses is a solution to promote savings.

Name the beautiful home design styles that are prevailing today

The design style is the first factor that you need to fully define for your home. The more unique style will bring you the most satisfaction and comfort when stepping into your apartment. Nowadays, you can easily choose beautiful home designs with the most suitable style. However, in order for you to have the right choice, you should immediately pocket the following beautiful home design styles!

Minimalistic home design style

The minimalist design style is the first design that you should know and should not ignore. The outstanding feature of this style is the use of simple lines and neat and elegant interior decoration. The highlight of this style is elegant but equally luxurious with neutral colors.

This space does not use too many colors but still gives an impression of many different cube styles, all of which will give you an airy and extremely relaxed space!

Classic home design style

It’s a pity if you ignore the classic design style. This style often focuses on form and emphasizes small details. The lines of this design are perfect with warm, courteous colors that are somewhat similar to the ancient royal style.

The interior of this style is also very diverse and luxurious from the smallest details. However, they are not too ostentatious but courteous, coming to this space like you get lost in the fairy castle in the old stories.

Rustic style home design style

If you love harmony and harmony with nature, you should not ignore the Rustic style home design style. The lines have a rustic and simple design but very unique. Appreciated and loved by the brick walls, the apartment’s space is both airy and fresh.

With cold tones combined with strange interior space, it will bring a special whole, not mixed with any style.

Retro style house

Although formed and appeared in the 50s and 60s of the last century, the beautiful Retro home design style has always received great attention from many people. To this day, this style has been renewed and brought a novelty but not lost its traditional beauty.

This design style has a bright, outstanding color that makes people feel relaxed. In particular, the interior is not too fussy, creating a sense of closeness, but there is an important and noble floor.

House design in Maverick style

If you love the youthfulness and creativity, you should not ignore the Maverick style. Surely, at first sight, you will not be able to take your eyes off the freshness and youthfulness. Thanks to this innovative design, the style has been chosen by a large number of people for their apartment.

The special feature of this design is that it is arranged by random, overlapping structures without any rules, but not distracting. Depending on your own characteristics, you can design your own space.

Design style Queen Anne

Appearing in the reign of Queen Anne, the Queen Anne design style was born and recognized as a noble and royal style model. Since ancient times, this style has been used in the design of royalty and aristocracy.

This style has a bit of a classic direction with a somewhat subtle layout. This design will give you the feeling of living in the past decades but mixed by modernity.

Renaissance design style

The next style that you shouldn’t miss is Renaissance design. This style will attract you by its impressive design and cannot be mixed with any style. The layout is arranged scientifically in the direction of classical art. The Interior of this style gives you simple warmth. This place will comfort you after a tiring working day.

Romanticism design style

Of course, everyone wishes to live in that space, which is romance. So, why not check out the Romanticism design style. This style will bring you peace and warmth. The design colors are usually neutral colors to create a romantic space.

Furniture of this style is also very delicate along the main color tone will give you the most harmony. These materials are all made of wood giving a classic and elegant feel.

Design style Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic’s design style originates from a poetic English village. This room with this design will give you the lightest feeling. Dressed in old furniture lines with unique accessories combined with the smell of wood paint. All have created a very poetic picture.

Many of you think that this style is quite out of date, but not with impressive decoration, this place has an elegant and elegant space. In particular, the breath of the neoclassical style is very high-end and modern.

Streamlining design style

Back in the 1930s, the Streamlining style was developed and based on the Art Deco style. Also scored by subtle curves but this style has had an impressive combination with subtle curving horizontal lines. Entering this space, you are lost in the freshness. With the freshness and distinctive style, this style is being loved and chosen by many families today.

Modern style housing design

Modern housing designs are always arranged as the first choice of many people. This stylish design will bring you a fresh and elegant space. With simple lines and not too focused on small details, it will bring comfort to your living space.

The main color of this style is a cold tone while creating comfort. In particular, this style places great emphasis on usability. All of them aim for the most modern and minimalistic lifestyle.

Impressive Hitech home design style

Another style with a bit of modernity is the impressive design of the Hitech house. This style uses metal as the mainstay with a combination of shiny glass. From there, bring the most unique and impressive.

Country style design style

Country style design style will not disappoint you by elegant, elegant, and equally poetic. This style has influences from big countries such as England, France, America.

The main color of this color is pastel, bringing a sweet breath. You are lost in a dreamland full of charm. Of course, your stress after a tiring day will be dissolved. This space will be the choice for those who love dreams.

Luxurious Nordic design style

One of the typical styles and strongly developing in our country today is the Nordic design. This style is distinguished by elegance and modernity through striking color tones.

Colors such as white, brown and cream will accentuate your apartment. This color will give you a warm but no less elegant space. Furniture often comes in cold tones to create harmonious features.

Art & Crafts oriented home design style

If you are so impressed with the houses built with percussion with their warmth inside, you really can’t miss the Art & Crafts direction. This style emphasizes wooden or natural furniture, providing a rustic touch. This space will bring you the most peace after the chaos of life out there.

Design style beautiful Art Deco home

Surely, the beautiful Art Deco home design style will not disappoint you with the most impressive and outstanding curves. This is a style designed in a curved array of interiors.

However, the main feature of this design is the combination of patterns and decorative interiors. The style’s interior is adorned with impressive and sophisticated patterns. The whole style of sophistication that not all beautiful home design can bring.

Gothic design style

What a big omission if you ignore this Gothic design style here! The main highlight is sophistication and enchanting beauty. The small details are carefully cared for to bring a charming but noble space. No one can ignore the elegance and class of the apartment designed in the Gothic style.

Home design style in the Organic style

If you are wondering which beautiful home design is popular today, don’t miss this Organic style! So, what’s so special about this style? This style’s space will score you with a random combination of curves made from close-to-life images. The interiors of this style are also designed in a minimalist way to give you more space. In addition, this cheap and beautiful home design also does not cost too much, so those who are economically limited can choose.

Contemporary house design style

The contemporary house design style will leave you a strong impression and be loved by the world today. This style is a bit of a unique, strange, and luxurious direction. Although architectural pieces are quite simple from lines and shapes, they all bring a sense of novelty. Patterns or lines are moderated and not too cumbersome. Therefore, it has built for you the most elegant and modern living place.

House design in Pop Art style

Another style that was born from him in the 50s of the twentieth century that you should know is Pop Art style home design. Highly appreciated by many people for the combination of impressive and unique colors to your youthful, energetic after a long day. Moreover, this style is also combined with natural light and simple shapes to bring high functional and aesthetic features to the user!

Postmodernism style house design

If you are a fan of art, you should not ignore the Postmodernism style house. This is the product for the artistic movement and modern art trend. In particular, this style has also shown the monotony of form. Even so, Postmodernism will still bring you the uniqueness and breakout with this design. Scored with striking colors, this style promises to give you the best experience possible.

Mid-Century Modern design style

Mid-Century Modern design style deserves to be the world’s leading style of beautiful home design. It is because the interior is fresh and bright that brings you to a bright and energetic space. This interior design is very friendly and gives you the most optimistic spiritual life.

One of the basic features of this architecture is its construction on simple yet elegant images. Therefore, the resonance becomes the most elegant and gentle space.

It will be difficult to have any style that overlaps with this De Stijl design style at all! This style is one of the emerging art trends and widely accepted by everyone. Along with this style is a Russian structural school combined with abstraction.

It will be difficult to have any style that overlaps with this De Stijl design style at all! This style is one of the emerging art trends and widely accepted by everyone. Along with this style is a Russian structural school combined with abstraction.

The origin of this beautiful home design style originated in the Netherlands. It was his impression that De Stijl was able to reflect the harmony and order of your living space!

Vintage design style

Vintage design style will not disappoint you by the combination of the old and the new. Furniture of this style is designed based on items from the 40s, 50s, and ranges through the years 80-90.

That is why the whole has brought you the most peacefulness and originality. There will be nothing more wonderful than living in an apartment with the design that you love the most.

Impressive Luxury design style

If you want to show the solemnity of your family’s living space, you should choose an impressive Luxury design style. The space of this design will bring you a world full of splendor and luxury.

With classy architecture and sophisticatedly designed interiors, it creates a luxurious and noble space. Not stopping there, the alternative decorations bring the space with great charm.

Neoclassical interior design style

It is a pity if you ignore the beautiful neoclassical style of home design. It is no coincidence that people can love and choose this beautiful designer pattern so much. This style is a unique combination of classical and modern style, giving you the most luxurious and modern space.

Our main colors are warm colors that bring out the most fashionable and noble space. This space not only gives you aesthetics but also shows your level!

Design style house in Bazaar

The next style of beautiful housing design that you should know is the Bazaar design style. This style is a unique blend of many different styles to bring the most comfortable and impressive texture. This space will be built with gentle beauty and extremely delicate.

The home is the place for everyone to return. It is a cozy space with a unique architecture that will bring you relaxation. With the above different beautiful home design styles, it has given you different luxurious and impressive spaces. Depending on economic conditions as well as preferences, you should choose a design style that is most suitable for your family.

All the above suggestions are drawn from the beautiful home trends in the world. Hope to help you get more ideas when designing your living space even more