Police and tactical lighting encompasses much more than tactical flashlights and torches. For example, today we want to tell you about the Nightsearcher tactical lighting beacons, one of the most practical lighting tools for members of the State security forces and organizations.

We have already talked about the importance of tactical lighting, pointing out what you have to take into account when choosing a tactical flashlight that suits your daily needs. However, today we want to tell you about another very useful tool when it comes to achieving good lighting: have you heard of tactical lighting beacons?

What are police and tactical lighting beacons?

Tactical lighting beacons are lighting systems or signals that have a circular shape and are usually used in times of emergency. These small signs use a type of LED lighting that has different modes adapted to the requirements of the moment. For example, there are modes of more and less intensity, alternate or that simulate the signal of a gyro or SOS. In addition to this, tactical lighting beacons stand out for being very hard pieces and highly resistant to shocks and water, but also at great weights like those of vehicles.

Tactical lighting beacons also have a magnet on their back, which allows them to be used both on the ground and attached to the vehicles of members and state security forces, which makes it much more useful and versatile than classic emergency triangles.

Another point in favor of this emergency tactical lighting system is that the briefcase in which the five beacons come is the signal charger itself. In this way, when the beacons are not used, they can be loaded from the same storage case, since the kit contains a vehicle charger and a network charger.

Finally, we want to highlight the ease of carrying the tactical lighting beacons not only for the comfort of its briefcase but also for its compressed size of 180x108x35mm and weighing only 200 grams.

Tactical Lighting Beacons

What are tactical lighting beacons used for?

As we have mentioned, tactical lighting beacons are designed for emergency situations, especially related to road safety and police safety. For example, these beacons are widely used in blood alcohol controls to mark the way of vehicles, thanks to their great power and resistance, in the face of the “stomping” of cars.

Also, these tactical lighting beacons are very useful to highlight police and fire cars, helping this task with the magnet they have and that easily adheres to the vehicle. But they are also in the works of highways and roads since they make the construction to be seen at a greater distance than other tactical tools.