In Review The Market, we tell you four tips to decorate your home in the long term. Let’s start!

Each person sets their priorities at all times and there is no specific date set for the decoration plan, it is something personal. Sometimes you have to give priority to short-term changes and others to long-term changes. In this decorative process, they have a greater time margin to specify details.

1. Long-term Decorating Ideas

Long-term Decorating Ideas

The ideas you see in furniture catalogs, interior decoration examples, and Instagram inspiration proposals should not be put into practice directly and immediately. But staying informed of trends and various ideas helps you plan for the long term and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market. This happens for example when you find a piece of furniture in a liquidation store that can be the protagonist in your living room or in any other room.

It is important to keep the information of the ideas that inspire you to identify what you have in common with them and reinterpret the proposals to put them into practice in your home.

Above all, select timeless ideas that are not conditioned by the present so that they really serve you in the long term.

2. The Priorities When Decorating in The Long Term

The Priorities When Decorating in The Long Term

Even when decorating for the long term and engaging in this creative process step by step, you also keep in mind what your priority order is. That is, what is the most important thing in the short term and what is it that is not in such a hurry.

Thus, you attend to the needs of the home and you will be motivated to achieve the objectives of your temporary project. When you have met your short-term interior design goal, you can continue to move toward that long-term goal you want so much.

3. Extend the Life of Your Decoration Products

Extend the Life of Your Decoration Products

If you want to decorate in the long term, it is highly recommended that you extend the useful life of the furniture and decoration products in your home. For example, you can upholster your sofa when renovating instead of changing it for a completely new one.

You can also reuse products to take advantage of their full decoration potential. Look at each element from the creative point of view to integrate all its possibilities and functionality.

4. Holistic Decoration in a Long-term Project

Holistic Decoration in a Long-term Project

It is not only about decorating for the long term, but also have an integral view of the house to observe every detail of the whole space, the combinations, the comfort of the place, the customization and the characteristics of the style in general. The holistic decoration looks towards the whole.

Decorating in the long term does not mean postponing this interior design goal, but rather giving your project a long period of time.

The keys to decorating in the long term? Get inspired by ideas, attend to your priorities, extend the life of the products you have, and observe the house from a general point of view.

If you follow all these instructions you will achieve a good decoration of your home for a long period of time, regardless of whether you make some decorative changes in the short term. Put these tips to work!

Photos: Intermobil Furniture