Lighting is essential to reduce the darkness to leads a comfortable life. Nowadays, several types of lights are available in the market, and they also produce brightness differently. Because of the advance lighting technologies, different types of lighting are accessible to the consumers today with their best performance and capacity. Most of the quality lightings are involved with LED or Halogen light. Because without these kinds of light, illumination is impossible.

Therefore, you have to know the difference between the LED and Halogen, which will broaden your lighting sense. That also helps you to make an educated decision to choose the best light for yourself according to your budget, including the lighting capacity and performances.

The Halogen light provides traditional lighting, and that is well-known as a tungsten halogen. That is also essentially an enhanced version of the incandescent bulb. Because the halogen lights are similar to the incandescent, and they have a couple of minor differences. The halogen lights contain a tungsten filament. That is also sealed into a compact transparent envelope. That is filled with a mixture of inert gas and a small amount of a halogen.

Halogen vs LED Bulb Comparison

The working process of halogen light is convenient with the combination of the halogen gas and the tungsten. Then the tungsten filament produces a halogen cycle chemical reaction, which redeposits evaporated tungsten to the filament. By following that is also increasing its life and maintains the clarity of the envelope. After this, that allows the filament to operate at a higher temperature, including a standard incandescent lamp of similar power and operating life.

That also helps to produce light with higher luminous efficacy and color temperature. The small size halogen lamps also give their use in compact optical systems for projectors and illumination.

The LED light is a light-emitting diode that is also a semiconductor light source, which emits light when current flows through it. That is the most energy-efficient lighting today and provides the long-lasting illumination. The LED light has a semiconductor rich in electrons, including a semiconductor rich in holes, which are used to create an LED.

After this, the junction of these two materials combines the electrons with the holes. Then it produces the photons, which is the light we see to provide the illumination. The LED bulbs provide much color than any other bulbs, and that also increases longevity and enables them to function in cold temperatures. The power consumption of LED-light is the lowest compared with other lights. The LED light produce by using the best technology without any mercury, harmful gasses, or toxins.

Is halogen or LED which one is better?

LED lights are much better comparing with other lights, including the halogen lights. The biggest-factor between LED and Halogen is the heat emission and two display options. The halogen use 90% of energy, of their energy giving off heat, whereas the LED 10% of energy emits heat. Because of the less energy to emits heat of an LED light, which makes them more energy-efficient and cool to the touch.

The halogen lights are cheaper to purchase, but their life span is not so longer. On the contrary, LED lights to have 25-50 times longer lifespan than halogen. If we talk about the wattage issue, an average LED light uses approximately 8-watts of power, whereas the Halogen light uses an average of about 90-watts.
Regarding the safe use, LED lights are the best for using, and they will save money on the number of replacements that need to be purchased.

How can I use LED or halogen lights?

The choosing method of light is in your hand. That also depends on your options and according to your desire. But the using method of an LED light is much better than the halogen lights. Because the LED lights are energy-efficient, they use 80% less energy than halogen bulbs. Though the LED lights are expensive, they cover up their cost over time by saving energy and preventing frequent lamp replacements. You can use the LED lights simply because they come with the generally shatterproof option. Also, you can touch the LED after use because of the cooler to touch. Another thing is the LED lights are available in various colors and color temperatures, without using any harmful chemicals or gases.

Which light should you choose?

That is very simple to choose between the LED and halogen lights. LEDs are the best because of their functions and user-friendly performance. When finding the bulb, which is compatible with yourself according to your desire also, suits your lighting place, that will be the best. We recommend choosing the LED Lights because of their numerous advantages comparing with halogen lights.

Advantages of LED light

Example of typical LED light
Example of typical LED bulb
  • The LED lights last up to 25,000 hours, which is usually rated for 50,000 hours.
  • LED lights come with the shatterproof option.
  • These kinds of lights are available in several types of colors and color temperatures.
  • After using the LED lights, these are cooler to touch.
  • The LED light does not have any harmful chemicals or gases.
  • The LED lights are energy-efficient and consume less wattage comparing with other lamps.

Disadvantage of LED light

  • The LED lights are expensive comparing with halogen bulbs
  • The LED lights do not have the traditional looks.

Advantage of Halogen Light

  • The Halogen lights are small, lightweight, and simple to produce.
  • The halogen light lasts up to 2000 hours compared with a typical incandescent light that may last up to 1000 hours.
  • The halogen light comes with instant setup.
  • Halogen light produces a color temperature closer to that of the sun.
  • If you use this conveniently, that gives a longer lifespan.

Disadvantage of Halogen Light

Example of traditional halogen bulb
Example of a traditional halogen bulb
  • The halogen light produces infrared light, which can be the reason for damaging to artwork and fabrics.
  • The illumination of halogen bulbs are sensitive to your skin’s oils, and you need to wear gloves when putting them in your lamps.
  • Halogen bulbs are extremely hot with use, which you can not even touch them until the light has been allowed to cool.
  • Halogen lights are breakable because of their delicate filament, and the vibration can shorten their lifespan.
  • To reduce the halogen lights heating process, they require air condition equipment to work harder.

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Brightness is an attribute of visual perception or the reflecting light. Several types of lights are available in the market today. Also, different types of lights are available with different types of brightness. A quality light illuminates according to their brightness, lumens, and the light-wattage. The LED light produces brightness according to the use of wattage. According to the standard measures, if an LED light consumes 1-2 watts, then it produces the brightness of 220 lm. Furthermore, if the LED lights consume 25-28W, then the emitted lumens will be 2600 lm.

Similarly, the halogen lights will also produce the same emitted lumens 220 lm and 2600lm. But the halogen lights will use the wattage respectively 25-watts and 150-watts.

Energy and Monetary Efficiency

A light or a bulb illumination depends on its performance and what kinds of energy it consumed. Most of the LED lights come with quality design. Thanks to the advance technology because that brings the innovation by inventing LED bulbs. Another well-known lighting is the halogen bulb. That is traditional lighting, and people use the halogen bulbs before the invention of LED bulbs.

If we talk about the energy-efficient LED bulbs are the best rather than the Halogen bulbs. Because an LED light uses 25%–30% of the energy and last 8 to 25 times longer comparing with halogen bulbs. The Halogen bulbs consume more wattage than an LED light. Another thing is the LED lights are durable and gives the best performance in the cool environment.

Though the LED bulbs are expensive but they still save money because they last a long time and have very low energy use. The LED light provides the best illumination without consuming a lot of electricity.


Different types of bulbs have different function and their lifespan as well. But if we talk about between LED and Halogen. The LED lights have the best lifespan because a regular LED bulb can run for 50,000 hours, whereas the halogen can perform approximately 20,000 hours. Comparing with the LED and Halogen LED is the best. Also, the LED lights give the best performance, including their long ability.


LEDs are the best light for soft and better illumination than any other light. The LED light also comes with highly energy-efficient lighting technology. The halogen bulbs are also better for giving illumination. But when it comes to the pricing, the LED bulbs are expensive compared with the halogen bulbs. Though the LED bulbs are expensive, they use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than halogen lighting. The LED lights will reduce your cost by giving the best working performance, including durability.


In the final analysis, the LED lights are the best according to their illumination, performance, lifespan, and durability. You should choose that kind of light, which is environment friendly and as well as 100% recyclable. Also, you should always refer to your lamp’s manual, and pick the compatible light, which will comfortably fit with your device. Lastly, the LED lights are ideal for illuminating several types of items like artifacts and old documents. Also, do not risk damaging a piece of historical painting or art by choosing the wrong lighting. Get the best one according to your desire remembering the safe use.

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