The vanity light is a lighting system that enhances the decoration of a house’s interior design. These types of lights are known as the vanity bar, which is a long light fixture and mounted above the bathroom mirror. The focal point of a bathroom is the counter and mirror sections, wheres the vanity lighting draws attention to these types of essential areas.

The vanity lights come with several kinds of ranges shapes, sizes, and colors. The important thing is that all the bathroom’s interior design is not the same, and not all the vanity lights belong in all the bathrooms as well. This type of light provides ambient lighting when the mounted with shades pointed up. Again the shades-pointed down then provides task-light.

However, these types of lights create the ambient light combo, which also gives the cross-illumination for doing several kinds of activities, for instance, applying makeup, shaving, and flossing makes it more simple. Also, there are different types of materials used to prepare most vanity light fixtures like ceramic, metal, and glass. Moreover, the vanity lights give the convenient looks to a bathroom in an aesthetic design.

The Ceramic Vanity Lights

The vanity lights which designs by using the ceramic. These are warm and simple, which are perfectly fit in most bathrooms. These types of light translucent surfaces of the ceramic soften and shadows produced by the fixtures, which allows for a comfortable transition between lighter and darker spots. Most of the ceramic light gives suitable looks in every bathroom because of their smooth transition lighting. But the ceramic also looks out of place in some bathrooms for this type of design metal and glass would be more appropriate.

The Metal and Glass Vanity Lights

The vanity lights also prepare by the metal and glass that is also a popular lighting system. The essential things to make vanity lights by metal and glass, the Nickel and Chrome, these two materials use to make these kinds of lights. However, this type of light provides amazing colors because their fixtures feature a high-shine surface for a sleek modern look.

These lights also give hammered or antiqued finish for an old-fashioned feel. The design of these lights is the glass shades over the bulbs, which may be entirely clear, cloudy, and translucent colors. The simple-design vanity light has one long fluorescent tube and a row of bare round bulbs. If you prefer to use stylish vanity lights, then several types of more stylish vanity design options for choosing.

A Quick View of Top 3 Best Vanity Light

ImageName and Review
Lamps Plus Exeter Modern Wall Vanity Bar

Lamps Plus Exeter Modern Wall Vanity Bar

Best Pick
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Progress P300048-009 Bath and Vanity Lighting

Progress P300048-009 Bath and Vanity Lighting

Value for Money
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Westinghouse 6344900 Indoor Vanity Lighting

Westinghouse 6344900 Indoor Vanity Lighting

Budget Pick
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#1.Lamps Plus Exeter Modern Wall Vanity Bar

The Lamps Plus Exeter is a modern 24-inch wide LED Nickel bathroom light. It is a stylish & brushed nickel bathroom light, which features an attractive modern-style and that is lighted by the smart energy-saving LEDs.

This dimmable LED uses 22-watts total-3000k, and CRI is 80. It also outputs 1600 lumens, which is comparable with a 100-watt incandescent bulb. However, this device is dimmable with an electronic low-voltage dimmer and gives excellent service according to its brightness.

Another thing is the approximate life span of this light is 25,000 to 30,000 hours. The best thing about this light is the brushed nickel finish frame, including the silk-screened glass rectangular shade with the steel and glass construction.

The size of this device 24-inch wide x 4 3/4″ high, so that you can install the fixture either horizontally or vertically. The liner angel metal frame holds a ravishing white silkscreened-glass shade, which gives complete looks with elegant lighting. Moreover, this silkscreened-glass creates a soft glow from this stylish LED bathroom fixture with the best illumination.

#2.Progress P300048-009 Bath and Vanity Lighting

The progress P300048-009 is the bath, and vanity light a four-lights set design with nickel. The lights come with vintage design, which manifests positive energy and that renewal by updating your bathroom decor. Because this type of light releases the warm glow, which is created by the Calhoun collections.

This four-light bath vanity bracket will give you a living treasure of well-crafted innovations that feel both polished and personal in any bath or vanity settings. However, this type of light design with classic glass thick shades with a sleek rectangular backplate, and round polished arms.

To support the light sources, which are covered in a beautiful brushed nickel finish with the classic attitude. The dimensions of the lights 30-1/4-inch width and 8-5/8-inch height, which extends 6-7/8-inch.

This type of lights for optimal illumination and consume each light 100-watt max. The Calhoun is a versatile collection that you can display the lights in a variety of different ways for added customization in the home. This type of light is ideal for the farmhouse, coastal, and industrial settings. Moreover, this lighting is energy-efficient products, and the vintage-style gives the best complement to several decor styles.

#3.Westinghouse 6344900 Indoor Vanity Lighting

The Westinghouse 6344900 is an indoor lighting system that comes with iron hill and perfect wall fixture. This lighting features with rich Oil Rubbed Bronze finish with highlights on broad-shades to create a rustic farmhouse appeal. However, the design of this lighting comes with metal shades, and metallic bronze finish inside directs light down perfect for tasks and ambiance.

The dimension of this light is 7-3/4 inches in height and 29-1/16 inches in width, which extends 9-5/8 inches from the wall while placing. It is a three-set light set, and each lamp consumes 60-watt with medium-base lighting. Additionally, this kind of vintage lighting you can use for industrial vintage designs, farmhouses, bedrooms, as well as in the bathrooms.

Because this iron hill three-light wall fixture is perfect for a multitude of interior styles, including the modern living spaces. The best thing about this product it includes installation instructions and mounting hardware, which give the convenience experience with this lighting. Moreover, this Westinghouse lighting provides generous-lighting for larger-spaces and creates the best atmosphere that you want.

#4.Hykolity HY-LV28W4K-1 LED Vanity Light

The Hykolity HY-LV28W4K-1 is a dimmable LED vanity light with the fixtures brushed nickel. It is an energy-saving light because it saves up to 80% over the light’s life span. The 1750-lumen output its deliver 120-watt equivalent using only 25-watts of power.

The best thing is ETL listed to avoid electrical shock and fire hazards, which ensures safe use.

This light comes with 4-steps of installation, first of all, unscrew the wall plate from the lamp, then attach the wall plate to the junction box. After this, safely connect the wires and fasten the vanity light to the wall plate. You can use the light fixtures mounted vertically and horizontally.

This light comes with the 5%-100% dimmable range, and that is compatible with most household Triac LED dimmers for smooth and flicker-free operation. This light gives high-performance and perfect for bathroom space.

This unit provides 4000K lighting with the LED chips, which offers natural white light. The best thing is the light has 5-years of warranty. Moreover, the fixture works effortlessly with excellent lighting, including your existing decor.

#5.Kira Home Mason RV-WB7033-OB Vanity Light

The Kira Home Mason RV-WB7033 is an industrial vanity light. It gives a beautiful glow like a bright light. This LED light set includes 3-lights which provide excellent lighting. However, this vanity light features an oil-rubbed bronze finish with convenient design.

This lighting unit includes shaded glass jars, and the shade is hand blown to house the impressive glow of the bright light. The illumination of this fixture brightens in a variety of areas and decor. The first one mounts on the top of your bathroom mirror design, and the second one is above your vanity table or in a covered patio or porch. Furthermore, this fixture also suits is several types of interior design like rustic, home decor, farmhouse, barn decor, and so on.

The dimension of this vanity light is 10-inch in height 23.5-inch in length and 7.25-inch projection from wall setting. This light is dimmer compatible because of the shade design.

This 3-lights set consumes up to 60-watt, which are traditional incandescent medium base bulbs. Another thing is the Mason, which is built with a solid backplate that will prevent the fixture from shaking to it mounted suitably as well. Moreover, this Mason vanity light provides elegant lighting with the beautiful glow of bright light.

#6.Progress Lighting P300046-020 Vanity Light

The Progress lighting P300046-020 is a vanity light and provides excellent lighting. This type of light is energy-efficient and manifests an atmosphere of positive energy and renewal by updating your bathroom decor, including the relishing in the warm glow created by the Calhoun.

This type of light is a living treasure of well-crafted features, and you can use the light in several ways, for instance, bath, vanity setting like in mid-century modern, urban industrial, vintage electric, transitional, and farmhouse interiors. Furthermore, you can get the best feeling of both polished and personal in any bath or vanity set.

Additionally, this lighting set comes with two stunning light and thick glass shades with a classic. The dimensions of this device 13-1/4-inch width and the height are 8-5/8-inch. This light extends 6-7/8-inch. The rectangular backplate and round, including the polished arms, which supports the light source these are covered in a beautiful antique bronze finish with the classic attitude of design. Moreover, this light for optimal illumination consumes 100-watt max and gives excellent service.

#7.Aipsun Crystal Bathroom Vanity Lights

The Aipsun crystal is a modern LED vanity light for bathroom lighting fixtures. It is a gorgeous K9 crystal and that release bright lighting effect. Because of the high-quality stainless steel lamp body that is smooth as a mirror and no chance to get rust and fade with the strong corrosion resistance.

However, this is an energy-saving light with 2835SMD, which creates stable and efficient light. The best thing is the LED feature, which saves up to 80% of electricity compared to standard light bulbs and lifespan up to 50,000hours.

This light has an IC card, constant current driver, including the short circuit protection design, which is an intelligent control circuit. All these functions provide overload protection and current stable as well.

The crystal design gives the best looks to your life with a simple and luxurious design. That also highlights your taste with excellent lighting. This Aipsun 24.4-inch crystal vanity light provides 5500K white light with the conventional lighting bulbs.

The dimension of this product is length 24.4 inches, and the width is 1.97 inches, which extends 4.57-inch from the wall. This light gives high-quality lighting and has a waterproof IP20 IC driver. This light provides natural white illumination with the 12-watt of power.

#8.Aspen Creative 62104 Bathroom Vanity Light

The Aspen creative is a dedicated brand. They offer a wide variety of beautiful and well-priced portable lamps, vanity wall fixtures, outdoor lighting fixtures, and lamp accessories. However, the Aspen Creative 62104 is a bathroom vanity light fixture, which provides the transitional design in saint nickel, including the transparent glass shade.

This Aspen Creative 62104 lighting set comes with 4-lights bathroom lighting fixture in brushed nickel with crystalline glass shade. The dimension of this lighting set is 32-inch wide, and the height is 8-1/4-inches and the deep measures 6-1/2-inch.

This light requires the 4-medium base bulb light, and they consume 60-watt maximum. However, this type of light is UL listed for the bathroom. Also, perfect for installation in the wall above the mirror and vanity cabinet.

This lighting set gives the best looks as well as powder rooms and makeup rooms. Moreover, this Aspen Creative fixture also dimmable with the standard wall dimmer. It provides excellent lighting after installation. Even you can install this fixture as a wall sconce in the living room, family rooms, and hallways.

#9.Progress Lighting P300047-009 Vanity Light

The Progress lighting P300047-009 is a 3-lights set of vanity lights with the brushed nickel finished. This lighting set comes with vintage design and provides positive energy to the bathroom decor also, relishing in the warm glow created by the Calhoun.

However, this stunning lighting set comes with classic glass shades including, the appearance is held in place by mechanical latches recollective of antique spice jars. This lighting with a sleek rectangular backplate and round, including the polished arms, which support the lighting source, and these are brushed nickel finished. Also, this fixture gives the classic attitude with excellent design.

The dimension of this fixture is 21-5/8-inch width, and the height is 8-5/8-inch, which extends 6-7/8-inch while installing.

This light provides optimal illumination, which uses the 3-medium base bulbs, and it consumes 100-watt maximum power. This delightful light provides the best lighting with the apothecary style and a clear glass diffuser. Moreover, this vanity gives the best lighting with the steel-construction design as well as the transparent glass design.

#10.Globe Electric Parker 51446 Vanity Light

The Globe Electic Parker 51446 is a set of 4-Chrome of vanity light with crystal glass shades. This light has a vintage design with a clean and simple design, which will modernize the bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen decors.

This vanity light set utilizes an industrial pipe look and a smooth finish to create a put-together refined vintage design. However, this lighting set also has a compatible dimmer switch to create an outstanding atmosphere. This Globe Electric lighting fixture allows you to customize this fixture to suit your taste.

The dimension of this lighting is perfect, which measures 33.69-inch width, and the high is 11-inch, including the 7.92-inch for deep from the wall. Another thing is the size for each light is 6.5-inch in width and 5.2-inch in height. It is a fully dimmable light with the compatible dimmer switch to create the perfect atmosphere.

This lighting set comes with simple installation because that includes all mounting hardware, which provides a fast and smooth installation. These are 4x-E26 medium base bulbs, and they consume 60-watt maximum power. Moreover, this vanity light set gives excellent illumination with the refined vintage design, including the transparent glass shades for any type of design.

Buying Guide

Color Temperature

The vanity light provides the best lighting in the bathrooms, bedrooms, in the kitchens, or anywhere you want to design. Different types of vanity light brands are available in the market. Additionally, their style color functions and the color temperatures are also different.

However, most of the quality lights come with a color temperature range between 2700K to 3000K from your light source. It is the maximum color range, which offers a perfect flattering warm-white illumination ideal for bathroom tasks. Another thing is to while choosing lights for the bathroom to avoid 3500K color temperature because of this range of color temperature release blue-hue light, and that is not ideal for bathroom lighting.

Bathroom vanity lighting has several kinds of designs. One of them is lighted mirrors, which is an increasingly popular option for streamlined. Also, it provides eye-catching bathroom lighting. Another essential factor for bathroom lighting is the fact that bathrooms are damp locations. That you need to ensure locating a light-fixture over a bathtub or installing shower-lighting the appliances are wet area rated. Moreover, a creative lighting design always gives excellent service and also helps your bath to make it become your private sanctuary.

Dimmable Feature

Most of the vanity lights are compatible with the dimmable features and switch options. Some vanity lights have Fluorescent CFL and LED Incandescent features. However, the dimmable fixtures work with standard dimmer switches, including halogen and incandescent lamps LED fixtures.

There are two types of installations the line and low-voltage dimmer. To use the line-voltage dimmable feature and the rail with incandescent bulbs, you can use the dimmable switches to control their brightness. Also, the line-voltage dimmable feature does not work with the low-voltage feature.

Another is the low-voltage dimmable feature that is also two varieties of low-voltage dimmers. These are the magnetic system and electronic dimmer. The magnetic systems that dim lights and electronic dimmers both use the voltage. The LED-fixture may work with standard dimmers, and some may need a specialized dimmer.

Moreover, to install the dimmable CFL lights, you need to check your dimmer to make sure it works with these types of bulbs. All of the dimmers design to be compatible with low-voltage, LED, and CFL bulbs.

Mounting flexibility

The Vanity Light has the flexibility to adjust to the task at hand and winding down at night. However, the mounted feature works when installing lights along the sides of the mirror. Because the approximate area of the mount is 28 inches apart at the minimum and about 60 inches from the floor.

Another thing is the top centered design that should use the centered right above the mirror and mounted 78 inches from the ground. Additionally, the mounting flexibility ensures the light cast, which gives the perfect amount of light on the person standing in front of the mirror.

Most of the vanity lights come with a headboard, wooden board, or wall surface mounting, which provides a simple installation.
Because these types of sets also include screws and plug-wired, which are convenient to use. Moreover, mounting flexibility provides simple installation in decorative styles, and that brings you a convenient and comfortable light.

Waterproof feature

The waterproof feature of a lighting set ensures the well protected from the spray of water droplets, steam, and other potential sources of damage. Most of the quality LED vanity lights to come with the waterproof feature. However, the stainless steel area of a vanity light has a waterproof design, which protects potential sources of damage.

These types of vanity light have the modern, stylish design, complete with a chrome-plated finish, which is nicely a complement for your bathrooms decors. Another thing is some top-rated lamp has a waterproof LED light strip and an antifog function. Other features of an LED light high-quality electrical enclosed construction includes waterproof LED belts.

These are the best ratings that ensure safe lighting even in wet bathrooms and a memory chip that brings in 2 switch modes the switches are touch and external connected switch. Furthermore, different types of vanity lights have different designs, the waterproof design for safe use in bathrooms.

F. A. Q

What is the best lighting for bathroom vanity?

The incandescent and halogen lamp permissions are perfect vanity lights for the bathroom. Because of the best CRI-100 that assures most correctly render colors. Another thing is you can use an energy-efficient LED or a fluorescent lamp authorization, which will guarantee your choice has a CRI of at least 90. These types of sources provide excellent color rendering in bathroom settings.

Which is the best lighting for makeup?

According to all makeup artist assumptions, they suggest that natural daylight is perfect for doing makeup. These types of illumination evenly diffused and transparent, so you can simply see when something is not blended suitably. The natural white light is the best, they also suggest avoiding yellow, rose, and fluorescent lights. To get the best makeup stand directly in front of your natural white light.

How much do vanity lights cost?

It depends on you that what type of vanity light you want for lighting. The simple vanity lights cost $30 to $40, and the single sconce lights cost from $400 to $500. But that can bigger for a multi-light fixture. Some vanity-lights have consistently cost $50 to $200 per light. Moreover, vanity lights customized, with high-quality materials cost up to $1000.

How long do vanity LED lights last?

Most of the simple LED vanity lights generally last only around 1,000 hours, which is a year of many hours of use each day. The LED light is usually last up to 50,00 hours conveniently. But while buying the vanity lights, see the user guidelines and the manufactures correctly where the working hours and product description describe.

Can I use a dimmer switch with halogen bulbs?

Yes, you can use a dimmer switch with the halogen bulbs. Because these types of lights are compatible with dimmers switch. The halogen-bulbs are capable of dim most frequencies but at the cost of a shorter life.


The vanity lights are the best for lighting with their super-bright illumination. All of the vanity-lights that we describe above is excellent for bathroom use and stylish enough with the recognition of modern existing interior design. These attractive vanity-lamps are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Besides, the vanity lights excellently suit your desires in the bathroom, as well as most likely to permanent installations in your home. Another thing is before buying a vanity light check, the power of light, brightness, and ease of installation. All the vanity lights are outstanding with their illumination and give the best experience to your bathroom.