The world of decoration allows us to adapt all trends to our liking, but although there is that creative freedom, there are a few mistakes that we should never make. Do you want to know what they are?

Decorating is one of the most pleasant and creative experiences for lovers of interior design. And it is that through furniture, colors, and fabrics we can transmit from moods to our own personality. We can adapt any style to our lifestyle and ultimately adopt the decoration to ourselves.

However, although many decorative rules are there to be broken, many others are not, and there are some mistakes that we should avoid making under any circumstances. Let’s start!

1. The Length of The Curtain

The Length of The Curtain

Falling short with the length of the curtains is one of the biggest mistakes we can make in our decorationThey always have to be at ground level or even on the ground. The flight and leafy aspect that we get give them an elegant touch. So no short curtains.

2. Artificial Flowers in Exposed Areas

Artificial Flowers In Exposed Areas

Okay, so you may not have a very good hand with your plants but some plastic flowers as a centerpiece may be out of place. If you have taken the smallest detail of your decoration, placing artificial plants will subtract style from your home.

3. Uniform Furniture

Uniform Furniture

By this, we mean that your living room or room looks more like an exhibition section of a furniture store than your own home. Let yourself go and make your personality be reflected in your furniture by mixing different styles.

4. A Sofa Without Cushions

A Sofa Without Cushions

Another big mistake is to leave your sofa without cushions with which to give them life. If you want your sofa to be dynamic and fun, try combining different patterns and colors. If you are afraid of not getting the combination right, choose two dominant colors with which to make your mixes.

5. Carpets Too Small

Carpets Too Small

6. Sofa Without Blanket

Sofa Without Blanket

It happens as with the cushions. The blanket is one of the accessories most closely linked to the sofa. Not only during the winter that serves to shelter us from the cold, but also during the summer to give it a decorative touch. It is only necessary to choose the most suitable fabric for the moment.

7. Fill Everything with Objects

Fill Everything with Objects

The shelves are the biggest claim for decoration, it is the perfect place in which to place our favorite photographs or small objects. But we should not overdo it and saturate them. Try a square, a plant … Everything simple and that continues to create visual space.

8. Do Not Enhance Light

Do Not Enhance Light

We should always try to let in as much light as possible into our home and maximize it. Therefore, placing our furniture such as the sofa or the armchairs with their backs to the light is a big mistake. If you have no other choice, choose models with low backrests that do not interrupt the entry of light.

9. Cold Light

Cold Light

The home has to be the place of greater comfort, where we feel sheltered and more comfortable than anywhere. Therefore, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is the use of white lights, which provide coldness. Perhaps in the kitchen, it may be an option, but never in the bedroom or in the living room.

10. Show the Arrangements

Show The Arrangements

With this, we mean all those small work finishes that tarnish our home. For example, the box where the blind is stored, or the edges of the windows … All those finishes that if we don’t pay attention, they end up being visible to everyone and dazzling.