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22 Mar 07 Advertise with us

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Blogs are the fastest growing online media from the last years. The easy reading style and the strong audience they gather are making blogs one of the most powerful channels to reach and influence the general public. They have a high visibility in search engines and a fast update pace, making this relatively new format the best way to attract consumers and new customers.

Review the Market is a fast growing blog specialised in keeping track of new products, services and applications appearing in the market. We focus in Internet, software and technology related topics, which are among the most demanded subjects nowadays. Every user search exhaustively for information before buying a new product, hence, product reviews attract a large amount of users and the word is easily spread once a product/service has been written about here. In the same way, ads showing related products and applications get a high visibility in Review the Market.


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We offer you the possibility to add a banner in our pages or lateral sidebar. For every post published, a complete page where your ads will be fully visible. This is important because many readers land in blogs via search engines in a single post page, whether they go or not to the home url to see the rest of the entries will be no affect your ads.

The size and position of your banner in the blog can be negotiated depending on your needs and your campaign targets.

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