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22 Mar 07 About us

The Blog


Review the Market is a fast growing blog bringing some fresh air into the blogosphere in the way products and services reviews are done. Striving to attire a wide range of readers with different profiles, Review the Market is built of a clear and non-complicated language, on providing visibility to applications and services that almost everyone can use immediately after having seen them on our posts, on the idea that the Internet offers so many possibilities that everyone should be able to get good information on interesting topics.

Because technology is our passion, we are always looking to review new online services, websites, software applications, gadgets that you can use and take profit of and a large etc, etc.


The Sponsored Reviews


We review everything we consider interesting, and thus we have been invited to participate in many sponsored reviews where advertisers pay us to check their products. You will find clearly indicated which reviews are sponsored, for which we only review those products that we like and we think fit in the topic of the blog. If you are an advertiser and want us to have a look at your products, getting the benefit of exposure and increased visibility to many potential customers, please contact.


The blog editors


David Gonzalez is the main responsible for this project, editor and coordinator. He has large experience on the net, being the founder and responsible of the Spanish network of blogs Nomadblogs. Technology and Internet are his strengths and professional background, and writing is his passion. He writes regularly also for some travel magazines and several professional blogs.