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31 Oct 07 Do you have a migraine?

image I get a lot of migraines from time to time. Sometimes they are so severe that my conscious brain stops functioning. So, it was nice to stumble upon this resource for the New York Headache Center for headache treatment. There are two things which are very useful on this site: they have a section called Educational Materials, and they have a blog.

Both list useful information about headaches and can come in very handy for people like me who suffer from them. Of course, if you are in New York, you may even want to visit the place, but I am not and so I have to make do with the online resources. And this is a nice resource.

31 Oct 07 Good Website Design

I stumbled upon a website today and was struck by its crisp design. It’s a website that deals with Scottsdale real estate. Here’s what I find nice about this website:

  • It has a very blog like look. Its content area is separate from the various announcements, features, etc. (which are on the right sidebar).
  • A simple, un-intrusive top-menu lets you navigate the site.
  • A small, not too loud, flash animation plays pictures of their offerings. I found that I wasn’t distracted by the animation while I was looking at the site.
  • And they have the most common real estate actions right up there in the content section: Buying and Selling.
  • The color scheme is very nice and soothing to the eyes. The blues go well with the browns. Since both are sober colors, it causes the flash animation and other small pictures on the page to stand out nicely.

Overall, a nice crisp design for a website.

31 Oct 07 A Dating Website Review

Date One of the largest enterprises on the Internet is online dating. There are literally thousands of sites oriented catering to people looking to meet other people online. And why not, more and more aspects of our lives are moving online and dating is one of the most common activities that we carry out.

These sites are now becoming very niche oriented however, the site that we review today is as clean as it gets. Online Dating is best done on Their slogan: "Don’t let love pass you by.". offers a free registration to let you begin. You can log in and start searching for guys or gals (depending on your interest) and initiate chatting with them on the website.

The best thing about online dating is that your privacy is secured till you decide to trust someone else with it. If you don’t like someone, you can just move on and try to find someone else without any fear. has a very strong privacy policy which allows the users to use their service without any fear. They allow you to even delete your data whenever you want to. Basically, the industry standard practices for data protection are in place. Of course, if you choose to reveal your data in chat room, then you are responsible for it.

Searching for the right person is very easy as well. Personals are divided by State and then City. You can quickly glance at the initially important stats before you engage: Pictures, Age, Body Type, Faith, Ethnicity, Job, and a description by the person describing himself/herself.

Once you like someone, you can view a fuller profile, send them an email, show interest, engage the in a chat. There is an Advanced Search available which lets you search with a large number of parameters. You have the ability to configure preferences and then the matches are emailed to you. In this way, you don’t have to be always searching on their site. Whenever their system detects a possible match it lets you know and then you can go and check it out.

Another nice feature is a toolbar that you can install which lets you know through instant alerts whenever there is a possible match and also lets you communicate via IM. In addition to that, you can navigate the important areas of the website through the toolbar and you also get the goodies from Date.Info. also runs a very informational zine at Here, you find articles, advice, success stories, horoscopes, interviews, etc. related to dating. For example, you can read about what are the "Online Dating Red Flags" or " Are you Spiritually Ready for Your Soul Mate?" This additional resource makes very useful.

So, for all you singles out there, it’s time that you checked out

31 Oct 07 Meebo is becoming irresistible

MeeboI am sure everyone knows what Meebo is. However, due to recent enhancements in their offering, we though that it makes a lot of sense to review this excellent service just in case there are people who are not hooked in yet.

30 Oct 07 Thinking of vacationing in Hawaii?

Today we will review some of the good things about an online service to book vacations to Hawaii and surrounding areas. This website is called Hawaiian Beach Rentals. This website is an excellent resource to search for hotels, condos, care rentals, packages, user reviews, and planning for extended stays.

image The website has a blog on Hawaii Travel Information, which lists a lot of posts about the various experiences that you can have while you are there. Most of the posts seem to have been put on one day though, nevertheless the information is useful.

It covers not only Hawaii, but has information about Oahu vacation rentals, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, and others. So, you can get very specific information about the exact place that you are trying to visit. So whether you are thinking of going on an eco-tourism drive or you just want to relax on the beach, Hawaiian beach rentals is a good place to start looking.

30 Oct 07 Second Act - an online HDTV Store


Today we review, an online store for reviewing and buying HDTVs (LCD or Plasma). This store stocks factory re-furbished, and end-of-life products which as as good as new (or new at times). The main thing about Second Act is that it is one of the best in business on the Internet. They have a fare share of Brand New TV’s available as well with considerable discounts.

Plasma TVThey make it very easy for you as a consumer to get the best deals available. You can subscribe (through RSS or Email) to there Deal of the Day, which lists special deals on a daily basis. As of writing this review, their current deal of the day is giving an extra $100 discount on a 37inch Sharp LCD (which is on top of their usual discount). So you are getting a factory refurbished TV for $699, which costs $1999 as brand new, with a 90 day free warranty.

They also offer add-on warranties for a price, which is still not too much. And they have an excellent Help and FAQ section which can answer most questions that you may have regarding the site or their services. So, if you want a HDTV but don’t want to spend a lot, this is the place to check out.

27 Oct 07 Find the best hotel rooms with HRS


Today I review the Hotel Reservation Service; an online service for finding and booking hotel rooms. I have used this service many times for personal needs and it has never disappointed. It allows you to search and book hotels free of charge on the Internet. HRS also runs special offers and can get you a very good price. At a basic level, it has a very simple interface which allows you to specify your destination, arrival and departure dates, number of rooms, number of people, a price limit, and a minimum number of stars. Then it will generate a list of hotels that satisfy your criteria. In the advanced search mode there are many criteria that you can define to filter your search (e.g. Internet Access, Pets Allowed, etc.)

The results are listed in a way so that it is easy to compare multiple hotels at a glance:


There is visual indication of important parameters such as Breakfast Included, Distance from Airport, Smoking/Non-Smoking, Internet Access, etc.

There is also the capability for comparing specific hotels on detailed parameters. This detailed comparison is useful to decide between 2-3 hotels that you have short-listed. The site provides user reviews and ratings of the hotels in its database.

All in all, a very good resource for searching for hotels online and booking them with confirmation.